Alex Glaum

Deadstock Cologne



deadstock ( ˈded - ˈstäk ) noun 1. shoes that were discovered as new old stock.

Men’s cologne has become bogged down with over dramatic commercials and similar scents. The industry has lost sight of what many men are looking for - unique scents that can help them stand out.

Coty has the chance to capitalize on this opportunity by finding a niche market to target with a scent that looks to be as trendsetting as its wearer.


The Ask:


Develop a concept for a new fragrance that will fall under the Coty brand.


The Problem: 


The fragrance landscape is awash with look-alike alternatives. Coty is determined to develop a concept that stands apart and defines the leading edge of today's cultural revolution.



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Target Research:

Deadstock Consumers.001.jpeg
Deadstock Consumers.002.jpeg
Deadstock Consumers.003.jpeg

The Concept:

Deadstock Con.001.jpeg

Marketing Tactics:

Celebrate the sneaker and streetwear community

Deadstock Marketing.001.jpeg

Build Hype

Buy up limited stock of rare sneakers from the resell market

Stage secret giveaway locations in 3 major cities

Leak the giveaway locations throughout the sneakerhead community by utilizing websites like Hypebeast and Complex

Give bottles of our first limited run of deadstock cologne with every box of sneakers

Hit them where they are

ScentWave fragrance delivery system stationed outside of:

Supreme drops

New sneaker releases

deadstock posters throughout cities

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Deadstock Marketing.002.jpeg

Develop Collectability

Implement a 5 year plan to build collectability within the streetwear culture

Work for collaborations with Supreme, Nike, Air Jordan

Release in limited quantities to garner increased value on the resell market

Position deadstock cologne in stores that Coty does not currently have products in, ie. Supreme, Palace, Flight Club


Limited releases across the US

  • Kith - New York City, NY

  • Supreme - New York City, NY & Los Angeles, CA

  • A Ma Maniere - Atlanta, GA

  • Alchemist - Miami, FL

  • Flight Club - New York City, NY

  • RSVP Gallery - Chicago, IL

  • Concepts - Cambridge, MA

  • Union L.A. - Los Angeles, CA

  • Xhibition - Cleveland, OH

  • Walter’s - Atlanta, GA

  • Ubiq - Philadelphia, PA

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The Team:

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 10.55.44 AM.png

What I contributed:

  • Qualitative research - interviews

  • Qualitative research - Simmons analysis, secondary research analysis

  • Product innovation - naming, scent profiles

  • Marketing execution - tactics, distribution

  • General enthusiasm to help boost team morale